Ask yourself:
when is the last time you had two full weeks
to focus on your practice, your career,
and the art you want to make?

Is this for me?

We aim to bring together theatre makers who are eager to share their knowledge, exchange ideas, and work collaboratively. If you want to explore new ways of creating performance, the London Devised Theatre Intensive is for you.

Performers - including actors, dancers, singers, musicians - will imagine, explore, and perform a new piece of theatre. Devising allows much more freedom for performers than traditional theatre processes, encouraging you to follow your impulses towards the art you want to make.

Designers - including scenic, lighting, installation, puppet, sound designers and composers -  will influence the performances from the beginning of the process, offering ideas for how visual and aural design elements can feed into the concept, story, text, and performance. Devising allows designers to get more deeply involved as generative artists, in contrast to the traditional theatre model in which designers serve the vision of a director and writer long after most of the creative decisions have been made.
Writers - including playwrights, poets, storytellers, dramaturgs - will create texts for performance that are inspired by the work of performers, directors, and designers. Devising allows writers to create multi-layered scripts, responding to the impulses of other artists with exercises designed to unlock dialogue, character choices, and narrative.


Are you a multipotentialite? Do you take on different roles from project to project? One thing we love about devised theatre is that it does not ask you to fit neatly into a box. Most artists who work this way are multi-hyphenate 'theatre makers,' constantly exploring different roles and skills. 

This Intensive is designed with maximum openness and flexibility so that you can pursue the way of working that is most interesting to you.
Directors  - including movement directors and choreographers - will guide their collaborators to create a coherent performance concept out of many impulses. Devising can free directors of the pressure to always have ‘the right answer,’ allowing for spontaneity, surprise, and possibility. Devising allows directors to be generative artists, rather than interpretive artists serving the work of a playwright.

Educators  - including teachers and workshop facilitators - will pick up new techniques to bring back to their students, and have the opportunity to share their own favourite technique in a peer practice exchange session. This is a unique opportunity to receive feedback on your teaching style from professional artists, if you wish.

What is Devised Theatre?

Devising is a collaborative process of making theatre. It’s often highly physical, usually ensemble-created performance. The form, style, and content of devised theatre varies from company to company and project to project. There’s no standard definition, and no right way to do it.

Devised theatre is an established form in the UK and European theatre, and a growing movement in the US. Well-known companies include Kneehigh, the Wooster Group, Punchdrunk, Complicite, Frantic Assembly, Headlong, and Forced Entertainment, to name a few.

Devising requires the whole ensemble to contribute their ideas and impulses, leading to a vibrant, surprising, layered performance. The London Devised Theatre Intensive will run using Open Space, creating an anti-hierarchical environment for rapid generation of ideas and shared ownership of the work. 

There are many ways of devising work, and many companies create their own unique practice based on the skills, experience, and interests of the artists. Sometimes the process is led by a director, or sometimes a piece of work is made entirely without a director. Sometimes a writer creates a script inspired by the devising process, and sometimes there are no words spoken at all. Sometimes the company will start with an idea, a theme, a story they want to adapt, or sometimes the first day of the process will be a wide-ranging discussion of ‘what do we want to make a performance about?’

Techniques vary among devised theatre makers: clowning and especially Lecoq methods are popular; viewpoints and Suzuki, improvisation, free writing, working with objects, experimenting with technology and multimedia. There’s often a focus on building an ensemble, establishing a shared physical vocabulary, and working thematically rather than narratively. In the London Devised Theatre Intensive, our five guest artists will share their favourite techniques, and participating theatre makers will have the chance to offer peer practice exchange sessions. 

What will I get out of the London Devised Theatre Intensive?

Ask yourself: when is the last time you had two full weeks to focus on your practice, your career, and the art you want to make?

If you’re new to devising, this programme offers a unique opportunity to learn new techniques and explore a different approach to making theatre. Experienced devisers will benefit from connections with potential collaborators for continuing to make their work, and receive mentorship from our guest artists at the forefront of devised theatre in London. 

It’s impossible to overstate the value of making these connections: when the work is created collaboratively, choosing your collaborators well is one of the most crucial parts of the process. Many devising companies are formed by small groups of artists who trained together at the same university or drama school. If you don’t find your collaborators this way, it can be extremely difficult to form a company and establish a shared devising method. The London Devised Theatre Intensive will foster new connections among theatre artists, which we hope will result in continued collaboration outside of the programme.

The Intensive has a strong professional development element: a talk called 'Get Visible & Get Produced'  from Laura Lundy of Blue Panther Productions, and a New Work Happy Hour where you will have the chance to speak to London artistic directors and producers about your work and how to reach the next level as a theatre professional.

We will also arrange three theatre trips to see devised performances in London. Tickets for these shows are included in the price of the Intensive. Seeing devised work together will give us shared aesthetic reference points for making our work, allowing us to discuss what we want to see onstage and what we’d rather leave behind.

And don’t forget, we’ll spend over half of the time in the workshop making our own performances - you will get to perform/direct/write/design/create a new piece of theatre, and take home video documentation of your work.

What's so exciting about devised theatre?

For audiences, devised theatre can offer surprising, bold, delightful, necessary performance.

For artists, there is even more to be gained. Devisers have the freedom to work in the way they choose, on the projects they choose. Most obviously for actors, but no less powerfully for writers, directors, composers, designers, and other artists, devising can be a way to claim agency over your own career. 

We place a special emphasis on including artists of colour, artists with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ artists in the London Devised Theatre Intensive. Devising offers a unique opportunity to bring your whole identity to the work you make, and liberate yourself from the narrow expectations you may face in the theatre field.

Devising encourages you to ask: Who am I as an artist? What stories do I want to tell? How can I best communicate my ideas? Come and explore these questions with fellow theatre makers and top-notch guest artists. Give yourself the tools to create your own work.

Still have questions?

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